Ask Sheila V.

Sheila V'Eleos Tabarsi

As a former Air Force Staff Sergeant and veteran of the Gulf War, I offer
my services to all Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans requesting consultations for
themselves & their families. Call or email me directly for an appointment.

I look forward to serving you!

Sheila V's consulting service is an extension of her ministries with
all paid fees donated to ensure the successful development of:

The Sheila V. Mission Project and SVM ReDesign Your Life® America
Turning Military Bases into Places to End Poverty & Homelessness
      Native Cherokee Spiritual Life Coach
      Professional Intuitive Tarot Card Reader
      Universal Life Church Minister
      Holistic Health Care Referrals
      Relationship Expert
      Medical Intuitive
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Primary Location:
3816 Waldo Ave., Library
Riverdale/Bronx, NY 10463
Ph: (347) 602-6155
Personal Cell: (310) 403-3329
eFax: (347) 862-9226
U.S Air Force
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